Xanadude BEAT STREET Loft Party 10.8.11



It’s SEAN B. (Xanadude, Clubber Down Disco, SPANK)
It’s DEPUTY (Xanadude)
It’s our International beat freak… ZILVINAS!!! (Lithuania)

☆ Yo… Fish don’t fry in the kitchen. Beans don’t burn on the grill. In other words… we’re movin’ on up…to the East side… to a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y !!! ☆ You best check yourself twice, ’cause we got two dynamite host ghetto blasting this dance floor… glitter bomber JONATHAN FEDERICO + birthday confetti boy Q-RAIDER !!! ☆

(ohhh shit)

★ Full Cash Bar ★
FREE before 10:30
$5 till Midnight/ $7 After
RSVP to: xanadude.nyc@gmail.com
RSVP to: xanadude.nyc@gmail.com

(Please note: This is a private loft space and your rsvp is requested)

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