Xana-BOO Manhattan Loft Party 10.29


It’s SEAN B. (Xanadude, Spank, Clubber Down Disco)
It’s DEPUTY (Xanadude)
It’s Xana-guest/fag DJ WILL AUTOMAGIC!!!! (Spank, On TOP, Vandam)

⦁You best start snackin’ on them Boo Berry’s, ’cause you’re gonna need them extra calories to keep up with this Boo Crew – SYLVIA LONDON is back this time around, and is prepared to rip your guts out… In other words… DON”T FUCK UP… contort yourself!!! In fact, the “sink or swim” rule is in effect…THESWIMMINGPOOLS are performing!!! (((Warning))) they will drown you…twice! ⦁



$5 before 11:30
$10 after 11:30

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private loft space. An rsvp is requested by owner. Please rsvp for location: xanadude.nyc@gmail.com


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