Xanadude DREAM DRUMS Sat 4/7



It’s SEAN B. (Xanadude, SPANK)
It’s DEPUTY (Xanadude)
It’s GUEST DJ TIM SWEENEY (Beats in Space)!

WARNING!!! Use the buddy system. The jungle is dense and heavily populated with wild party animals. The key to survival is to not fight the jungle, but to adapt to it. If you get lost, listen for the drums and find your way back. Use extreme CAUTION at night. Be on HIGH ALERT for nocturnal host ALBERTO CORTES and queen of the jungle SYLVIA LONDON. You best play by their rules. In other words… you’re in the jungle baby… you’re gonna die !!!

Celebrating the 100th birthday of Harry Hay !!!

The Loft above Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street 2nd floor Williamsburg (BK)
Entrance next to Music Hall of Williamsnbugg

$5 till 11:30
$8 after 11:30

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