How to celebrate HARRY HAY’s 100th birthday, fashionably

Dusty Childers is probably one of our most loyal “dudes” at Xanadude.   We are pretty certain that Dusty has never missed a party, and how do we know this?  Because Dusty always stands in front of the line when it comes to fierce fashion.   So you ask, “How do I fiercify myself?”… Dusty explains:

How to Celebrate Harry Hay’s birthday fashionably:
(As told by a Fierce-Enforcer Fashion Faerie)

1. Puruse your wardrobe looking for the most “out there” options. You know, those super interesting items you bought or were gifted that you’ve considered but have never worn, deeming them “too much”. Or those items you bought for theme parties or Halloween that you could only justify wearing for a one-off occasion. Go ahead, pick out all of them.

2. Breathe deeply, stand in front of your full-length  and start layering these pieces in the most elaborate configuration possible. Drinking during this process is not frowned upon. Go ahead, sip…sashay…. sip… You’re getting the hang of it.

3.When you think you look “ridiculous” by society’s blaise standards…. you’re close! Dig in, impress yourself.  Think of all things heteronormative and conformative as you go further with your look…..and GO FURTHER WITH YOUR LOOK! Feel free to feel free! If need be, take out your scissors, slice it up, cunt it up some more! Cue the glue guns, glitter pens, puff paint, feathers. Craft stores are your friend!

*Side Note*- Don’t feel limited by the confines of your belongings. Live with a drag queen? Ask to borrow! Live with a stripper? Ask to borrow! Live with a faerie? ASK TO BORROW! If these “loaners” are worth their weight, they’ll be more than happy to see you spreading your fashion wings, and will most likely make suggestions as to how to you can TAKE YOUR LOOK FURTHER.

*Further Note* Goodwill, Salvation Army, Housing Works…. they stock fierce by the pound!

4. When you think your done, pat yourself on the back… you’ve done it! Now it’s time to hit the streets. That’s right, you’re not just staying in your house looking this amazing. Fabulousness is best shared with the masses. Now I know what you’re thinking…. “I couldn’t possibly”….”this is ridiculous people will laugh” or worse “people could say mean things”….. Well darling, banish these thoughts from your pretty little head! And walk out your door, chin up and smile broad. You see, the best accessory for any outfit is confidence. You know you took time to get this look together….and you know it’s something special. Realize that what you’re doing is not just wearing something exuberant, you’re actually affecting change. By being an ambassador of Fierce you remind others that they too can Werque it out.

*Disclaimer* You might get Cat-Called, in fact it’s almost a guarantee. BUT, note that you will get so many many more from Complimenters than Cowardly Conformists. And we all know it’s the Complimenters that make each day worth dressing for.
AND on that note, start TODAY on a mission (if you chose to accept it): Project Acknowledging Fierce. It’s simple, see fierce,, SAY “Fierce!” or “Damn that’s Awesome” or “Werque Witch!” or “You better Get it Boo Boo” etc etc. By filling the Universe with good vibes, there’s no way you’re not going to get tons in return.

5. Show up. Shoulders back. Smile plastered on your face. Saunter the room, saying hi and complimenting other members of the Fierce Tribe. Get photographed, you’re gonna want a visual representation of all the times you turn it out. That’s right, today is the start of something new. You’re no longer going to want to look like everyone else, because………YOU’RE NOT! You having Cunning Uniqueness Nerve and Talent, Miss Thang! The Goddesses broke the mould when they made your fine ass!  Know this!

**Extra Credit Assignment** Make out with someone that’s also turning a look. Someone that might have “Frock Blocked” you on another occasion (Frock Blocking is when someone is dressed too Avant-Garde for your liking, thus turning you off- but what you should always keep in mind is what’s going on underneath that frock…wink wink). By sharing liquids with another sassy somebody, you’re creating an energy that promotes eccentricity to those who didn’t get this memo. AKA Fierceness gets you Laid. Go on, try it. I dare you.

Be True,
Be You

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