Party Pixx: MO’BAMA!

It was clear early on in the Presidential race, that we needed to show our man just how much we need him … So XANADUDE created MO’BAMA!  A benefit to support Obama’s reelection campaign.  We were lucky enough to have some amazing people volunteer their talents, involvement, and to make this night so amazingly successful.  Our team of host included SYLVIA LONDON, ALBERTO CORTES, JOE FIORE, and SPANK who hosted our raffle which included donations from SCOOTER LaFORGE, JUANITA MORE, LIAM CAREY, & MICHAEL MAGNAN.   We also were honored to have the one and only JUANITA MORE of SF do a special legendary performance for us!  Not to mention, our camera boy BUBI CANAL and the gorgeous  venue LITTLEFIELD who graciously supported our cause.  All in all, we raised just over $3,200 that was directly donated to the Obama Campaign.   That, in addition to amazing beats, visuals, and a room full of sexy, smiling, dancing Obama maniacs… made this night one to never forget.  Thanks everyone!  X

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