Xanadude On Ice Loft Party Saturday Dec 22nd!



It’s SEAN B. (Spank, Xanadude)
It’s DEPUTY (Xanadude)

You best start your stretchin’, sharpen them blades, and practice your routines, ’cause this dance floor is only for the professionals!

❉ Host champions ALBERTO CORTES and GAYLETTER are the fiercest competitors out there. So be warned- They will probably out sequin you, likely out camel spin you, and most defiantly triple axel jump right on your ass if you’re not prepared!!! In other words… REHEARSE, or you may be dancing on thin ice ❉

ARRIVE EARLY! We will reach Capacity!
$5 before Midnight!
$8 after

RSVP HERE for Location!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a private loft space. From the owners request, you must RSVP to xanadude.nyc@gmail.com for entry. The exact address for the event will be emailed to you the week of. Thanks!

N-ICE !!!

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